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Clients Say It Best

“Mark's review process is extremely thorough and the results are great!  The turn around I requested was unrealistic but Mark made the deadline without negatively impacting his product in any way.  I would recommend Mark to anyone who is looking to have their resume written by a creative professional.”  -Chris

“I just wanted to let you know that I accepted a position and will be signing a contract today. They found me thru a headhunter seeing my resume online."  -Kari 

"Enclosed is my new and improved resume!!!  Thanks again for recommending Mark. He was great!"   -Cathy to Preference Personnel

"WOW! Your take on my career will energize me to help me find the job I deserve/want." -Craig

It needs to if you want to.

Mark didn't write resumes until staffing agencies began referring job seekers to him.  He now serves them coast-to-coast.

"Yeah, but I can do that myself."  Absolutely.  You probably even have the technological aptitude get'r done.  But the few dollars you save won't compare to the interviews Master Manuscripts' clients win and the incomes so many now earn.

Resume service provides:

  • 1-on-1 interview - Discover the value you offer, employers demand, and other resume writers don't consider.
  • Marketability - Your resume will set you apart.
  • Strategies - Get your resume to decision makers, not gatekeepers.
  • Impact - Put other applicants to shame with substance.
  • Value - Investing in your resume gives you leverage.
  • Service from an expert - Everything is based upon mastery and deep-rooted understanding of the communication strategies, principles, and tactics required to impact audiences.  You'll never see "certified resume writer" here.  We push the bar much higher.

Cost?  A fraction of the time and effort you'll lose by trying to create one yourself.  Don't forget every penny  paid to another service for something that sells you short in the first place.

Result?  You become an asset employers want to pay rather than a job seeker dropping off the resume they can't wait to throw away.

No templates, no questionnaires, and you meet the provider.
These samples introduce the product you'll receive.

Your dream employer's not hiring?
Chin up!  Hit'em in the heart with this.
Dream Job

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unafraid to post their own.
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Mark Puppe


More satisfied clients:
"Wow! I am even blown away by my resume! I can't thank you enough. I will be sure to refer you to anyone that I know that is looking to enhance their resume. Thanks again!" -Alicia

"Thank you for your professionalism and speedy service.  I will refer your business to family and friends."  -Melissa

"Looks great!  Even I would hire me after reading that!" -Michelle (who wasn't so confident before)

"I'm going to promote you with my MBA class and other professionals I work with on a day-to-day basis." -Scott