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We trust technology too much in communication.  Email allows us to receive massages instantly rather than weight for the male.  Mangers are butter aware of orifice operations and diners can be micro waived in seconds.  Sure, many techno knick knacks are trustworthy, butt end up casting us a lot when we misplace our truss.  Believe it or not, spell check clams this paragraph to be flawless.  How do we spare ourselves?

Don’t Trust Spell Check.  Txt mgs to friends are one thing, but contract proposals, resumes and marketing materials are another.  The classic slip-up is the resume client who dropped the “l” and identified herself as a “pubic relations specialist.”  She struggled for months to land an interview and couldn’t figure out why the search had been so fruitless.  Spell check didn’t catch the oversight, but the hiring authorities had no problem.

Another Set of Eyes.  Asking someone to review our work not only helps catch grammatical and spelling errors, it provides insight into a reader’s perspective.  We easily get so close to our work that what reads well in our minds can dumbfound or confuse others’.  Reading text aloud will also reveal trouble spots in readability and flow.  By the way, thanks to the editors who looked over this column.

Sleep on it. Scrambling to meet a deadline becomes problematic for obvious reasons.  I’m just as guilty of this as the next person, but have spared myself immense hassle and embarrassment by completing projects early and looking them over in the morning.  Staring at the monitor for hours can fry attentiveness and spike fatigue to the point that the most blatant mistakes can be easily overlooked.

These suggestions might seem trivial, but foregoing them can inflict detrimental, preventable loss.

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